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Marcey Shapiro MD is now WORKING and SHIPPING from New Mexico!

Not Retiring! 

People are asking if we are shipping from New Mexico, and the answer it YES!

We have 3 new staff people - Jennifer, Valentine, and Sarah.

Call or email for an appointment. 510-525-2200

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Dear Patients,

As many of you know, I began doing a virtual/Telemedicine practice in March of 2020 at the onset of the pandemic, and later in the year, last August 2020, we were able to realize our dream of moving to a peaceful country setting, when Star and I moved to Northern New Mexico. We are very happy here, and while I miss seeing you all in person, I find that working remotely is almost as satisfying.

I am writing to let you know that while I am CONTINUING to be a California licensed physician, I am living and workig in New Mexico. I plan to continue to work via telemedicine and I am continuing as a physician in California. I am NOT RETIRING. Nothing will be different from this past year, in terms of my work with you, but if you purchase supplements, order test kits, or need a hard copy of a prescription from us, they will now take a little longer to arrive as they will be shipped from New Mexico. Of course, there will be not stopping by the office to pick things up either.

I made this decision after two of my three staff people (Perla and Isabel) gave notice, to pursue their own education, and the idea of training two strangers to work for me, 1400 miles away, without me ever being there to supervise them, seemed foolhardy. I have purchased a sweet little building here for the office. If any of you find yourselves visiting the area between Santa Fe and Taos, you are welcome to come in for an in-person visit. When life normalizes, I do have a friend who has offered to let me come periodically and see patients in her northern California office, but nothing is yet on the books in that regard.

Warm Wishes to All,

Marcey Shapiro, MD

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