Marcey E. Shapiro, MD

Functional Medicine


I use many modalities and resources, and I’d like to provide my preferred links for information on these treasures of mine.

   Biodynamics of Osteopathy

Flower Essences:
   Green Hope Essences
   Australian Bush Flower Essences

Spiritual Teachers
   Peace Pilgrim

   The Monroe Institute
   Oren and Daben

   3 Stone Hearth (prepared foods)
   Weston A Price Foundation
   Farm Fresh to You (CSA)
   Multi-Pure Supreme Water Filters contact Mary Selna - 510.558.8127

Other Resources:

“It might seem obvious that breathing is essential to well being, but it is rarely discussed in medical contexts. Breathing is taken for granted, unless, of course, there is some specific ailment like asthma or emphysema that impairs breathing.
But numerous spiritual traditions of the world offer a variety of breathing techniques, both for spiritual enhancement, as well as for physical and emotional  health.
In the yogic tradition, there is an entire branch of practice, called pranayama devoted to conscious breathing techniques. Some breathing technique are taught in almost all yoga classes.
In my practice, it is common for me to teach specific breathing techniques to patients to help with their health concerns. There are a number of simple techniques which are easy to learn, which can be quite helpful for emotional and physical well being.”  
Marcey Shapiro MD