What is SCENAR®? 


The SCENAR®  is an acronym for Self Controlled Energetic Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. It is a non-invasive, hand held medical device that delivers non-toxic, computer modulated, therapeutic, electro-stimulation onto and through the skin.  

In the US, SCENAR® is an FDA listed biofeedback device used for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, decrease of stress and neuromuscular re-education. SCENAR accomplishes this by aiding the body in the self-healing process, by creating ideal conditions  for self healing in the body’s bioelectric field. This facilitates the release of neuropeptides that act to restore the body to homeostasis (balance). 

In Russia, where it was developed, SCENAR® is used much more broadly. Many clinics utilize SCENAR® with virtually every patient, to enhance overall health, regardless of what other treatments are chosen.  In Russia, SCENAR® is used as a complementary or single therapy in the treatment of:

Nervous System

Immune System

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Respiratory System

Cardiovascular System

Gastrointestinal System

Urogenital System

Endocrine System

Dental Diseases

SCENAR® is different from other medical devices including TENS. People often ask if it is like another stimulating device, such as electro, pulse, magnetic and quantum units on the market, and the answer is no. Why? Because the SCENAR® impulse modulates moment to moment, based on the devices “conversation” with the body. There is no preset pattern of impulses through which the device runs. Each signal emitted by the SCENAR differs from the last, based upon the response from the body to the previous signal. So no two waves of SCENAR are ever identical, and throughout a treatment, the device is in a back and forth biofeedback dialogue with the body. 

How and Where was SCENAR developed?

Scenar was developed in the 1980’s by the Russian space agency for use by Cosmonauts (astronauts) in space. The developers wanted to build a device to assist the cosmonauts with any illness or imbalance they might develop in space, without relying upon pharmaceutical drugs, or large medical equipment. 

The current generation of SCENAR technology has been used in Russia for the last 13 years

How does SCENAR® work?

The SCENAR® device emits an impulse in the form of a wave, and receives waves back from the body. The waves the SCENAR® sends are physiological, meaning that the body interprets them as self. When the SCENAR® receives the answer wave from the body, it interprets it, and then the device send out another wave in response. This is a dialogue that happens many times per second. What SCENAR® reads and interprets is the change in skin impedance in response to the wave. SCENAR® constantly modulates the form of its impulse based upon the body’s response to the prior impulse.

A limitation of many other electromagnetic devices, is the constancy of their stimulation. When an impulse does not vary, the body can habituate to it.  Habituation is an adaptive process by which our brains and nervous system can ignore new input. With SCENAR® each impulse is different from the last one, so the body does not habituate to the action. 

What does SCENAR® do?

SCENAR® neither diagnoses nor treats illness. What it does is give the body information, so the body can activate its own self-healing mechanisms.

Anywhere the body needs more information on how to complete the healing process, SCENAR® can be of assistance. 

In its mirroring function, SCENAR® can help the body know and notice information it needs to decrease pain, and to speed healing after surgery or injuries. It can also help support the immune system, improve energy, help people to decrease chronic pain, and can even help slowly to assist the body with information needed even in chronic and longstanding health problems. SCENAR is not actually treating an illness or a disease, it is just providing a mirroring biofeedback that assists the body with information it needs to faciliate self-healing.

In chronic illness, the SCENAR® information helps awaken the body out of a state of dormancy or non attention in dealing with the situation, by providing fresh real time, present moment, information. This moment to moment feedback can result in gradual improvement even in old, longstanding conditions. Dr Shapiro can share more about this, in a visit, if you want.  

Is SCENAR® painful?

No. The energy and frequency of the device has a host of variables, and is adjusted by the practitioner to a level that provides a pleasant, mild sensation. It can be adjusted to provide no sensation at all for small children and very sensitive individuals. Even if there is no sensation, there is no reduction in the benefits of treatment.

Is this like TENS?

TENS is an electrical stimulator used for treatment of chronic pain. Most people who work with it find it useful initially, but its value diminishes over time, and eventually most people working with TENS find the machine no longer gives them any relief, as the body has habituated to the signal. 

SCENAR® is quite different from TENS, because, as mentioned above, habituation to the signal is not possible, as no two signals are identical.

How long has SCENAR® been available?

This depends upon where you are. It has been used since 1996 in Russia, and since the late 1990’s in Eastern Europe. It was introduced in Western Europe over the last ten years, and in Australia in the last 5 years. It is just now being introduced in the US, though there are a few US practitioners who trained in SCENAR® in Russia years ago.

Is SCENAR safe?

Yes. SCENAR it emits a physiologic wave form that is the same as waves already emitted by the body. These waves are interpreted by the body as self.

Because the wave is physiologic, there is no potential for harm from the device. 

What contraindications exist to SCENAR® treatment?


Cardiac Pacemaker

Serious psychiatric disorders

Acute infectious diseases of unknown origin (at the site of infection)

How long is a SCENAR® treatment?

This varies with the type of treatment and the current situation in the person being treated. As little as 3-5 minutes is fine for some circumstances, while as long one hour is required for others. More time is not necessarily better. Often the best treatment is a brief one, though certain protocols require more time.

Are there any scientific studies of SCENAR®?

There are numerous studies that have been done in Russia and Eastern Europe, Russian websites have extensive information on these trials, but they are in Russian language.

Investigators there have found that SCENAR® is effective in helping improve the health of about 90% of people who are treated with it. In Russia there are entire hospitals that incorporate SCENAR® as part of their treatment of every patient.  

SCENAR is currently being studied at many Western sites including the UK, Australia, and the US. 

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